Retro Cars

Today's leading motor vehicles manufacturers offer the unthinkable variety of automobile production suitable for all social strata, and their designs are capable of meeting literally any kind of taste and preferences. Among uncountable mass-produced SUVs, minivans, sedans and hatchbacks it's possible to discover anything from ecologically friendly and economy models to genuine gas-guzzlers and top-of-the-line luxury makes provided with latest state-of-art amenities, let alone fantastic concept-cars designed in the most whimsical ways.

Despite all this, modern trends do not seem to bypass or avoid vintage design solutions as more and more buyers, including youths, appeal to achievements of recent past and even later times. There may be various motives to own a retro car and it depends mainly upon a certain individual. You may like to get it due to its quaint, unusual looks or because of simple nostalgia and longing for the days long gone. “Retro” is not necessarily ancient, it can be anything from a previous decade, still “modern” and attractive in many ways but somehow already “out of time”, and as it was implied above – automakers tend to borrow design solutions of the past for applying them in current models, combining the newest sophisticated technologies with older layouts. The best example would be the reappearance of muscle cars in the form of pony cars in the 2000s. Their constructors succeeded at recreating these fabulous and distinguishable body outlines in a new form making a perfect blend of modern smooth styling and the 1970s traditions.

Volkswagen Beetle can be regarded as an indisputable leader in the history of car sales and it is still popular thanks to preserving its initial traits, although neither The Volkswagen New Beetle nor the Volkswagen Beetle A5 launched in 2011 managed to reach the heights of the first Beetle. Another prominent model in ranks of retro cars is the Land Rover Defender which is considered to be one of the oldest cars to possess an unchangeable and recognizable body which takes a good deal after its predecessors. Deliberate preservation of traditional appearance sometimes plays a key role in making the car a living legend.

With dozens of variations of retro-styled cars still in production, a comparatively great number of vehicles produced 10-20 years ago still win the hearts of young and aged people. Although their price can be significantly lower, their technical condition may require permanent involvement and owner's patience as most of spare parts are no longer in production. Nissan 200SX S15, Chrysler Valiant and Mazda MZ-5 are just a few cars regarded as most wanted retromobiles.

You can't predict the course of the following trends and fashion, but for now it appears quite clear that retro style automobiles will obviously continue to be produced in newer forms as many designers keep on getting inspiration from the past and successfully implement it today.